Our goal is to help to build a more secure environment that reduces structural damage and injury or even death caused by targeted attacks with explosives. Coatings are used for both buildings and vehicles. Looking at the anatomy of an explosion, major cause of destruction is from the massive pressure that blows apart a structure. By forming a strong Liquid Armour® “skin” that holds the structure together and reduce fragmentation, the blast is less likely to cause severe damage.

Fuel and oil storage tank interiors generally also need protection against corrosion. Without proper lining, the contents of these tanks tend to corrode the steel walls. Additionally, proper tank lining preserves the quality of the oil or fuel against rust or contamination. Linings also are crucial because they increase tank life and help avoid highly cost-intensive replacements. It is important to have a protective coating reapplied at the first sign of corrosion for best results.

When coating the tanks to use for oil or fuel storage, the most important steps in the process is surface preparation. The quality of surface preparation largely determines the durability of the coating. After surface preparation, choosing the exact material for coating tanks is mainly a matter of the protection required, tank type, contents and corrosion rates in various environments.

Liquid Armour® coating can also used in combination with other additives for specific properties, resulting in the ultimate protection. Our spray-applied durable coatings and linings help in deflecting the energy from ballistic and explosive blasts. The encapsulating and protective nature of Liquid Armour® Coating results in reinforcing concrete, masonry and steel structures. These properties permit the structures to stay intact and help prevent shrapnel and flying debris from causing serious injury or death.

For military and police force protection, Liquid Armour® has the best solution for: Tactical wheeled vehicle protection, CARC compatible systems, Enhanced vehicle armor for trucks and heavy artillery, Fuel trucks and storage tank protection, Marine and safe boat surfaces.

The Liquid Armour® coating are 100% solids (zero VOC) spray-applied coatings and linings that are environmentally responsible.

Liquid Armour professional storage tank coating application includes:
  • Identifying conditions and selection of appropriate coatings
  • Control of moisture and temperature during application and curing
  • Manage safety hazards involved in coating and maintain work safety practices
  • Ensure all requirements are being met
  • Confirm that no thin or uncoated areas are left for a service life of 10-to-20 years
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