Liquid Armour offers superior energy absorption and fragment containment. Working with end-users and industry experts, our Liquid Armour® uses a super nano advanced blast mitigating polymer. This patented and proprietary polymer, providing military assets and structures a flexible and dependable debris penetration solution that can be applied to almost any existing surface.

Our Liquid Armour® system forms a seamless, super-resistant barrier, ensuring the assets and structures are able to absorb the blast energy. The absorption and elongation of Liquid Armour® extend the blast duration, significantly reducing the peak shock wave.

Liquid Armour® is available in a Spray form. This allows you to vary the thickness to meet the full range of threat and weight criteria.


  • Superior weight to protection
  • Simple spray-on application, eliminating complex training requirements.
  • Photo stabilized long-lasting formula means Liquid Armour® will not break down, delaminate or lose strength after long exposure to the sun.
  • Maintenance-free
  • Can add color to match the application surface making it difficult to distinguish where it has been applied.
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