Liquid Armour technology is an advanced and complete solution for marine protection against corrosion, impact, and water intrusion.

In deep waters or while docked, ships require tough & durable coatings that also protect cargo and crew from damage or injury. Liquid Armour ® is used in commercial and military ships in both salt and freshwater applications.

Liquid armour is an excellent product for applications in the fixed and floating marine structures such as offshore oil rigs, recreational boats, and yachts, passenger ships, freighters, tankers, container ships, fishing boats and ferries, inland waterway ships, barges and towboats, and many more.

We understand the significance of the damage that corrosion causes and provide a comprehensive array of marine protective coatings and offshore corrosion protection solutions that are environmentally friendly, non-leaching, and non-toxic.

Liquid armour is an ideal solution that can be used on vessels for leak repair and mitigation. It shields facilities and equipment from wear and tear and also can act as an abrasive impediment for barges and other working surfaces. It works as an impermeable barrier against rust and corrosion and offers an excellent balance between performance, protection, and cost.

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