Spall Liners

Spall liners are made from rubberized aramid, high-performance polyethylene or fiberglass. It is designed to stop projectiles and small fragments and to reduce the damage inside a vehicle if hit by an overmatched threat.

Liquid Armour offers bespoke solutions to suit your exact requirements taking into account the weight, threat level and cost. Our spall liners are easy to install resulting in a smooth finish. It adds minimum weight to a platform with very little to no effect on manoeuvrability.

Liquid Armour Spall liners are available with different kinds of surfaces for heat insulation or noise reduction, including cellular foam with both noise and vibration-dampening effects. Surfaces are also available in a selection of different colors.

Spall liners for military vehicles protect soldiers from flying fragments (spall) of metal inside the crew compartment. They are made of energy-absorbing materials and can be fabricated into panels or blankets. Spall liners attach to the inside of a vehicle’s structural armor and lines the interior surfaces of tanks, tactical vehicles, and personnel carriers. By reducing the risk of serious of injury to military personnel, these custom-fabricated components serve as a type of interior armor.

When a mine or improvised explosive device (IED) is detonated, the impact may not be powerful enough to pierce the armor of a military vehicle. Yet the shock wave is still strong enough to pass through the structural armor and cause damage. As the stress limits of the vehicles metal armour are exceeded, fracture occurs. In case of such a fracture in the metal, spall is propelled towards the vehicle’s occupants at high velocities.

There are two main types of spall linings. Spall panels are rubber-coated composites that use a resin based system. They are stiff, durable and suitable for vehicles and locations where visibility is high and physical support is low. Spall blankets are more flexible and consist of layers of fibers that are encapsulated by a polymer for protection against moisture, wear, dust and UV light. Both types of spall liners can incorporate part features such as holes for fasteners.

The way that protective products are installed and removed is important too as it may be an additional weak spot. Metal fasteners or adhesive spraying based systems can be used. Liquid Armour can also fabricate spall liners such as spall blankets that attach with hook-and-loop (Velcro) fasteners that provide high tensile strength and high shear strength.
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Spall Liners
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