Bund linings, waterproofing systems, and protective coating systems based on Liquid Armour offer enhanced application properties and cure rates, as well as reduced environmental and handling constraints when compared to other existing coating products.

Furthermore, there are significant advantages due to its superior mechanical and chemical stability, specifically in some of the more challenging waterproofing and bund/containment area lining applications. The rapid reaction curing and hardening, combined with the low susceptibility to moisture makes Liquid Armour an extremely valuable protective coating.

Liquid Armour is typically sprayed, or machine applied, making it cost-effective for large surface areas in certain bunded and secondary containment areas such as tank farms and manufacturing/distribution and handling facilities.

Liquid Armour coated containment area lining solutions are widely used in areas where protective linings and coatings are required. Sprayed Liquid Armour Lining and Coating Systems dry quickly, can be coated in thick layers in one application, and is touch dried, allowing complete systems to be installed quickly, providing a speedy return to service.

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