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Four Elements That Make Protective Coatings Perform Better

Protective coatings play a vital role in ensuring security and safely of flooring in industries and manufacturing units. These industrial coatings prevent natural erosion on concrete flooring and protect them from daily wear and tear caused by manufacturing, chemical spills, excessive heat etc. But protective coating can help only when this is of the best […]

Indestructible Structures with Liquid Armour Protective Coating

Bricks being coated with Liquid Armour protective coating. It is the most advanced spray-applied coating and is touch-dry in LESS THAN 10 SECONDS. The coating is then immediately striking with the sledgehammer. Get here more protective coating videos:

Axalta Launches New High Performance, Protective Industrial Rail Car Coatings

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Axalta Coating Systems (NYSE: AXTA) announced its new collection of Tufcote™ Protective Rail Car coatings that are formulated to meet the needs of the industrial rail car and transportation industry. The product line includes easy-to-apply, high-build coatings that deliver superior protection when applied to properly prepared substrates. “Railcar and transportation maintenance structures are constructed […]

Zinc Clad® 4100 Epoxy Coating is Suitable for Blasted Steel

Zinc Clad® 4100 Epoxy Coating comes with self-healing properties and helps to reduce the need for sweat-in time. The unit is suitable for bridge and highway structures, stadiums and sports complexes, steel fabrication shops, piping, barges and ships, drilling rigs, and refineries applications. Product features recoat time below 30 minutes and come in a user-friendly […]

A Company Dedicated to Safeguard World’s Future

The rise of international terrorism, violent crime, and political instability has rendered security and military personnel more vulnerable than ever, and the need for better protection is more than obvious. Operations in densely populated urban zones are especially dangerous in terms of small arms fire and improvised explosive devices. The defense industry is facing a […]


Offers superior energy absorption and fragment containment. Working with end users and industry experts, our Liquid Armour® uses a super nano advanced blast mitigating polymer. This patented and proprietary polymer, providing military assets and structures a flexible and dependable debris penetration solution that can be applied to almost any existing surface. Our Liquid Armour® system […]

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